Since you may be gone for a long while or just be gone far, far away, the reality of travel is that you can’t take everything with you. The valuables and other items that you must leave behind may or may not be able to be replaced. In the case of a loss, insurance will come to your rescue, but what they will no doubt want is an itemization of what is missing or has been damaged. That is a difficult thing to do when you are not there in person to survey the scene.

Family HomeWatch And Management Group. provides a Photo Inventory Service where we document, by photo, each of the rooms in your home, your garage, and the grounds of your property. Additionally, anything you have that is of special interest or value can be specifically documented. In this way, in the unlikely event of any loss, it will be very easy to determine what has been lost and make your insurance claim that much easier.

The photo inventory process involves:

  • Notify Family HomeWatch And Management Group that you need this service before you leave.
  • Make a list of what items you want to have professionally documented.
  • We will arrive on the scheduled day and spend up to an hour photographing your valuables.
  • In order to receive as many pictures as possible in the allotted time, consider having items organized and available to be photographed.
  • These pictures will be kept on file for back-up and sent to you via email for your records.