Just because you’re out of the state doesn’t mean you’re not improving your home. Some improvements come from service or repairs that you scheduled before you left or may still be on-going.  Some unforeseen repairs, fortunately for you, may be caught by Alfred Ritacco’s Home Inspections, LLC. during our routine Watch Service and will need to be taken care of before your return. Alfred Ritacco’s Home Inspections, LLC. will meet your repairman or contractor at your home on the scheduled date and time, and further, will confirm that the job was completed to your satisfaction.Alfred Ritacco’s Home Inspections, LLC. will even email pictures to you so you can stay on top of the progress just as if you were here handling the oversight of the improvement yourself.

Just because you are gone for the season, doesn’t mean that improvements to your home can’t keep being made. Don’t delay getting something repaired, renovated, or serviced just because you’re not at home.

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