When you’re miles away from home, the last thing you want to hear about is a natural disaster headed for your home. As a resident of South Florida, you’re certainly no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. As it happens, snowbirds are up north during the typical storm season months. Instead of burdening friends, family or neighbors with the evaluation of your home after a major storm (because they will have their own properties to be concerned about), at your request, let us evaluate your property for potential damage after a major storm.

We take reference pictures on the first scheduled visit of your home. If necessary, we can easily use these pictures as references to the appearance and condition of your home after a major storm. We will walk around your property noting the condition of your home, yard, pool (if applicable), and vehicle (if left outside). If there appears to be any damage that was not there prior to the storm, we will notify you by email right away. If there appears to be no damage, we will still notify you by email. If there is any catastrophic damage, we will call you immediately. No matter what the situation may be after a major storm, Family HomeWatch And Management Group. will email you up to 10 pictures of your home and property.

Due to the occasional ferocity of storms in South Florida, take the extra precaution and have Alfred Ritacco’s Home Inspections, LLC. care for your storm-related needs.